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PreForm is Formlab’s free software that uses advanced, proprietary calculations to generate supports for each printed part and to optimize print settings.  PreForm’s main functions are Scale, OrientSupport, and Layout. These features can also be combined into one feature the One-Click Print.

After designing your model using CAD software, you simply import the .stl or .obj file into PreForm.  The model orientation and support structure is automatically generated which you then upload to your Form printer.  Operation of the printer can be carried out by anyone using this software as no specialist training is required, but manual adjustments can be carried out by those with expert experience with the system.

Key features

  • Use Preform to optimize the printing process
  • One click to take your design from a CAD drawing to printed part
  • Manual controls also available
  • Advanced print mode able to vary layer thickness as required
  • Dashboard management

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