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Stratasys J5 Digital Anatomy Printer

Open the door to a world of medical representations and discover precision anatomy modelling. Our new small footprint and high performance J5 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer with its unique materials and software, enables the creation of biomechanically accurate and functional anatomical models – now within the reach.

This multi-colour, multi-material platform constructs models that not only look like the real thing- but also accurately replicate the actual feel and responsiveness of human anatomy. Have models when you need them as the software streamlines the workflow, adjusts your pathologies controlling material composition/microstructures, and utilizes remote management.

Create unmatched realistic and cost-effective education resources, enhance product development and expedite time to market. The printer is safe to operate with biocompatible and sterilizable materials.
The J5 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer is the ideal solution for point-of-care and academic medical centres looking to enhance surgical planning and training, as well as medical device companies looking to accelerate innovation. The printer reduces costs and environmental hazards by minimizing the use of cadavers and animal testing.

Key Features

  • Print pre-surgical planning models, surgical guides, training models and device development models on the one platform
  • 510k cleared for clinical diagnostic use with leading segmentation software companies
  • Certificated for Biocompatibility and Sterilization requirements
  • Small footprint – ideal for laboratories where space is a premium
  • Multi-material, multicolour – multiple parts per build on the same tray
  • GrabCAD Print™ Digital Anatomy Software gives you the power to create your desired lifelike anatomical models via intuitive software.


Medical Device Companies 
Fast-track innovation in product design and accelerate time to market.
• Enhance product testing and development processes while reducing costs.
Create repeatable, predictable consistency and minimize confounding variables for clinical
benchtop testing.
Develop sales aids to demonstrate new devices
• Safe to operate and facility-friendly: quiet, no odours, no direct contact with chemicals.

Point-of-Care and Academic Medical Centres
Presurgical planning and highly realistic point-of-care training with life like models.
• Bring to life detailed, patient-specific models that can elevate patient outcomes by providing risk-free
planning to reduce complications and decrease OR time.
Standardise surgical skills and delivery of care by practicing cost-effective, accurate representations of the targeted pathology.
Improve doctor-patient communications for more informed consent.


The J5 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer comes pre-programmed with a series of anatomical applications, developed in
partnership with device manufacturers, world-class research institutions, hospitals and medical personnel.
Utilizing the Digital Anatomy Printer unique and exclusive materials, enables the creation of over 300 unique digital
materials to create complex, multi-texture structures.
• GelMatrix™ — Unique GelMatrix material and GelSupport™ depositing patterns allow you to print small, complex
vascular structures and easily remove internal support material. GelMatrix is also used for mimicking soft tissues
such as liver and subcutaneous fat.
• TissueMatrix™ — Sophisticated soft material configurations allow for models that feel and behave like native organ
tissue when force is applied. This is ideal for replicating the look and feel of heart tissue.
• BoneMatrix™ — Complex material depositing patterns mimic bone structures with various densities to demonstrate
different conditions and pathologies. This material is useful when creating orthopedic models that can be drilled and
dissected, with biomechanical behavior like human bone.
• RadioMatrix™ — Radiopaque 3D printing material gives you the power to create medical models that exhibit realistic
features under X-ray and CT.
A full range of PolyJet materials are also available for use on the J5 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer to help you achieve a
level of visualization never seen before including Vero™ Family Vivid multicolor materials, DraftWhite™ rigid white
material, Elastico™ rubber-like material, and Biocompatible Materials with ISO certifications for biocompatibility and


Unlimited number of composite materials including over 500,000 colours

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