Laser Lines shows expanded Additive Manufacturing portfolio at TCT 3Sixty 2024

Laser Lines will be exhibiting a large range of additive manufacturing systems with different technologies on stand H43 at this year’s TCT 3Sixty. Machines on show at the event include a range of Stratasys Additive Manufacturing (AM) machines including the Stratasys Origin One, F370CR, J55 Prime, Neo 800 and H350, along with the UltiMaker S7 and MakerBot XL.

A full end-to-end manufacturing solution with DyeMansion post-processing technology will also be highlighted, and the full additive manufacturing (AM) portfolio is further strengthened by Xact Metal’s affordable XM200C. There will be demonstrations on the stand, and Laser Lines will have plenty of part samples available. Laser Lines’ expert team will be on hand to share information on the many materials available and answer customer queries.

Mark Tyrtania, Sales Director at Laser Lines, said: “TCT 3Sixty is always a great show for us to speak to customers to get a better understanding of the challenges they are facing. With our broad portfolio of systems and the team’s extensive knowledge and experience, we have a solution for anyone looking for realistic prototyping and the latest in manufacturing solutions for jigs, fixtures and industrial-grade parts.

“Our team of experts are on hand to explain and answer technical queries across the full spectrum of 3D printing technologies. Our expertise as the longest supplier of 3D printing and AM systems in the UK and the breadth of solutions we offer means we can help customers choose the right solution for their application, no matter where they are on their 3D printing journey.”

The solutions

Stratasys Origin One Door Open 3Stratasys’ Origin One is an evolution of Digital Light Processing (DLP) and vat-photopolymerization, based on Programmable Photopolymerization (P3) technology where light selectively cures liquid resin. The 3D printer enables mass production of end-use parts in a diverse range of high-performance materials, consistently, with accurate detail.

Low force pneumatic separation enables Origin One’s Programmable Photopolymerization (P3) process to print complex geometries, including fine features and large cross-sections, without the need for supports. The P3 process offers exceptional surface finish, equal to CNC machining and injection moulding, and users can manufacture on demand without inventory or retooling penalties. With an optimised build volume, the Origin One’s compact footprint and minimal power requirements result in a simple and fast post-processing workflow, with minimal facility requirements. It makes scaled production feasible for manufacturers.

F370 Cr Fdm Printer Front Open With Part 2 3The Stratasys F370CR is the perfect additive manufacturing machine for more demanding projects that require stronger, stiffer parts with greater impact resistance. With a large build volume, the F370CR can process high performance, composite materials. FDM Nylon-CF10 is one of these materials, which combines nylon and carbon fibre to produce parts that are stronger and stiffer. Perfect for prototyping, producing jigs and fixtures and short production runs, users can choose from a range of eight materials. It includes dual model and support material bays that enable extended running periods with minimal user intervention.

The Stratasys J55 Prime is a full-colour Polyjet 3D printer that you can add to your organisation, without the need for a specialised operator or a dedicated room for it. For anyone that wants to cut down the time it takes to prototype a product, the Pantone® validated Stratasys J55 Prime can print models efficiently, in over 500,000 colours. The compact 3D printer fits into any standard office, classroom or studio space with ease. With no unpleasant smell, toxic fumes or noisy machinery to deal with, you can work as normal – even if sat right next to it.

Also on the stand will be an UltiMaker Method XL. With the largest build envelope in the Method line at 305 x 305 x 320mm, this machine has both a heated chamber and a heated build plate, helping it to produce better results when using materials such as ABS-R and ABS carbon fibre. With a dimensional accuracy of ± 0.2 mm, the machine sits firmly in the professional category, creating superb end-use parts and prototypes. MakerBot CloudPrint software allows for remote monitoring, while a moisture-controlled material case improves the performance of professional-grade materials even further.

Xact Metal Xm200c 2 3The XM200C metal powder-bed fusion 3D printer from Xact Metal is a compact and affordable system that can produce quality metal parts from a variety of metal powders at a low cost. Bringing a new level of price and performance to metal 3D printing for entry-level operators, the XM200C is perfect for universities, prototyping laboratories and small to medium enterprises that require multiple machines.

Supporting metal powders such as Stainless Steel, Super Alloys, Tooling Steels, Aluminium, Titanium and Bronze, the XM200C is ready to make your part in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional casting. Plus, its open platform means that qualified users can develop their own printing parameters or use their own powder. It is simple to use with an easy touchscreen, which makes it easy to load files, set up build and monitor jobs.

Customers wanting to see the solutions at the show should visit the stand or book a briefing ahead of time by contacting Laser Lines on 01295 672599 or by emailing [email protected].