Stratasys introduces VeroFlex, a material with a niche focus

Stratasys has broadened its range of materials yet further. Alongside the rubber-like Agilus 30 and engineering-grade Digital ABS Plus, it has continued to innovate through the introduction of its VeroFlex material for rapid prototyping designer glasses and sunglasses.

Specialised eyewear applications

“You might ask why you shouldn’t just prototype using a regular material, such as ABS or ASA,” says Laser Lines sales director Mark Tyrtania. “The answer is that you could, but in an effort to make prototypes more representative of the finished product, this material goes one step further. Its greater veracity lets you produce short-run production parts on site for real world testing.”

It takes an average of 18 months to bring a new eyewear design to market, and with the studios of leading brands producing up to 150 different samples a week – almost 8000 a year – anything that can be done to smooth and shorten the process will make a big difference, not only to the designer, but their customers, too.

With Veroflex, the turn-around time can be as little as eight weeks.

Infinite possibilities

When paired with Stratasys’ versatile J750, VeroFlex opens up a world of semi-rigid, multi-coloured part production. Striking the perfect balance between stiffness and pliancy, parts produced using this remarkable new material are comfortable and lightweight, allowing product developers to accurately gauge how they’ll behave in the wild.

It performs well in a range of tests, including those designed to evaluate its performance when dropped or stressed.

“What really excites us whenever Stratasys announces a new material is seeing all the uses that our customers put it to,” says Tyrtania. “VeroFlex may initially be aimed at the eyewear market, but it won’t be long before it’s being used in new, innovative and diverse ways that weren’t envisaged during development. Naturally our product experts will be on hand to advise any customers who want to try introducing VeroFlex to their own development process.”

As a Stratasys Platinum Partner, Laser Lines can advise on the full range of printers and compatible materials, including VeroFlex, Agilus 30 and Digital ABS Plus. Call the team today on 01295 672599 or email [email protected]