From rubber-like to carbon fibre, our material range is growing

Laser Lines has long supplied the most diverse range of materials and, as a Stratasys Platinum Partner, we stock the full range – including three brand new materials, each with its own unique properties.

The rubber-like Agilus30, robust Nylon 6 and carbon fibre-reinforced Nylon 12CF, available today, extend the abilities of Objet, Connex and Fortus platforms, and put previously unattainable results within reach.

Agilus30 rubber-like material

Agilus30, available in transparent and black, is a step up from the existing Tango material, which remains on sale alongside it. With improved tear resistance and a tensile strength 2.5 times higher than Tango, it pushes flexible printing to previously unattainable levels.

Ideally suited to the production of parts that require damping, shock absorption or a non-slip surface, Agilus30 is compatible with all Connex1, Connex2 and Connex3 systems. Its results are soft to the touch, with a Shore A value of 30, to accurately simulate a genuine rubber finish. This makes it ideal for the testing of prototype parts which will later switch to a true rubber production process.

Nylon 6 for light, durable parts

Both stronger and tougher than comparable FDM Thermoplastics, Nylon 6 is the ideal material for producing short-run production parts. It has been designed for use with the next-generation Stratasys Fortus 900mc, with which it is natively compatible, but users of existing printers can also benefit, with a software upgrade adding support to their machines.

Suited to the production of jigs, brackets and drill guides, Nylon 6 is a lightweight, practical material for more demanding jobs, and its ability to withstand severe knocks without breaking means it will quickly find a place in the engineering, automotive and aerospace industries.

Nylon 12CF, with added carbon fibre

Incorporating 35% carbon fibre by weight, Nylon 12CF builds on the success of the existing Nylon 12 to deliver a significantly stronger XY axis, and comparable performance on the Z axis for more durable parts. Despite this, it doesn’t require any special training to use.

Able to withstand severe treatment and high temperatures – up to 223 degrees Celsius – Nylon 12CF is one of the most revolutionary, versatile materials yet produced, able to replace metal in many production jobs, and making parts that were once beyond the reach of in-house machines a practical possibility.

‘This is further demonstration of technology progressing to deliver bigger and better offerings,’ says Laser Lines’ sales director, Mark Tyrtania. ‘Adding new materials to an existing printer enhances its capabilities and, to a degree, future-proofs it. These new offerings mean bureau and in-house production departments can now meet demand for the widest range of applications.’

All three materials are available to buy now, as well as for use in orders through Laser Lines bureau service. Demonstrations and sample parts are available on request.

Call Laser Lines on 01295 672599 or email [email protected] to discuss how Agilus30, Nylon 6 and Nylon 12CF can increase the range of parts you can produce on-site.