Laser Lines advice ‘invaluable’ to Ogle Models & Prototypes

Today we take a look at how we have worked alongside Ogle Models & Prototypes to expand its customer offering

With over 60 years’ of industry experience, Ogle Models & Prototypes is a UK based modelling and design company specialising in rapid prototyping and bench model making. The business prides itself on continually investing in new processes and technologies, while still maintaining specialist traditional skills.

One area in particular where Ogle was an early investor in industrial 3D printing and additive manufacturing. As Dave Bennion, sales and marketing director at Ogle, explains: “We were quick to adopt 3D printing technology when we recognised the potential benefits for our customers.”

“We’ve continually invested and monitored how the technology has developed over the years to ensure we provide our customers with the most cost-effective, accurate and time-effective means of production, whatever the brief.”

New products

Ogle’s latest investment is a Fortus 400 FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) machine from Laser Lines, which it bought with a view to expanding its services to include the production of jigs, fixtures and other products for end-use parts.

As Dave continues: “We’ve seen the great prototyping results that we can achieve with this technology but we knew the potential was there to expand our business into the realm of real production materials. This is where our long-standing relationship with Laser Lines proved very useful.”

As Jane Gibbons, technical sales engineer at Laser Lines, explains: “Our experience in the jigs and fixtures market and our own history in design for retail meant that we were in an ideal position to advise Ogle on the best materials to use to broaden the range of applications it can offer to clients.”

“As Ogle is such a technologically switched-on organisation, it was very much a collaborative process, sharing knowledge and expertise in order to define Ogle’s low volume production customer offering.”

A positive addition

Some of Ogle’s customers are already reaping the benefits of the company’s investment in the Fortus 400, and the business as a whole is pleased with the addition of another technical string to its already comprehensive bow.

Dave Bennion concludes: “The advice we got from Laser Lines was invaluable. The team there has a justifiably great reputation and its client confidentiality is second-to-none, something that it’s impossible to put a value on.”

“We approach every customer project we work on in a consultative manner, working with our clients to find the optimum solution to meet their specific needs. Expanding into the arena of low-volume production is no different, it just means we have more options to discuss with our clients, which can only be a good thing, for us and for them.”

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