New printers and materials land at Laser Lines bureau

Laser Lines’ 3D printing bureau is leading the way once again as the latest Stratasys printers and materials join our extensive line-up.

We have invested in one of the first Stratasys F370 printers in Britain, so now you can see its results before you buy a machine, or use us to print the parts you need directly.

One of the most capable printers in its class, the F370 gives access to four production materials, plus water soluble support material, which washes away for a clean, smooth finish.

Combined with the F370’s minimum layer thickness of just 0.127mm (0.005in), it’s the perfect package, guaranteeing you the smoothest, most accurate parts time after time.

Faster, more accurate turn-around

The F370 ships with GrabCAD print. An advanced control suite that works directly with native CAD files, it helps us turn around your parts more quickly, by removing one whole step, conversion to STL, from the production process.

“With help from GrabCAD Print, the F370 is the fastest, most accurate mid-level printers ever developed,” says Richard Hoy, Laser Lines’ business development manager for 3D printing and rapid manufacturing. “With this exciting addition, we’re giving customers their first opportunity to test Stratasys’ latest devices, just as we did with the revolutionary J750.”

Widest-ever range of materials

The Stratasys F370 supports PLA, ABS-M30, ASA and PC-ABS, so as well as prototyping, it can produce end use parts that are ready to be deployed as soon as they arrive from the printer.

As a Stratasys Platinum Partner, we stock the full range of Stratasys materials, many of which are available for commission through the bureau.

Nylon 12CF materialThese include Nylon 12CF, for use with the Fortus 450mc. “There has been a huge amount of interest in this material,” Hoy explains. “It’s one-third carbon fibre, so more durable than regular nylon, and a great alternative to metal in the production of long-lasting, lightweight parts.”

Nylon 12CF debuted alongside Nylon 6, which Laser Lines provides quotes for in partnership with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.

Automated quotes, whenever you need them

Laser Lines’ dedicated bureau staff are always on hand to answer queries and help with uploads. They can also give prices by phone, email, and through the new 3D bureau quote tool.

3D bureauGetting started is as simple as setting up a free account and uploading your STL, AMF or Zip file. The tool calculates a price based on material consumption and anticipated print time.

“It couldn’t be easier or quicker,” says Hoy. “Whatever you want to print, regardless of quantity or material, you can now get an answer right away, even outside of working hours.”

Whether you need spare capacity, or you want to try the Stratasys F370 and new materials yourself, Laser Lines’ cost-effective bureau service is a flexible, accurate and affordable way to produce 3D printed parts.

Get a quote today using our online tool.

If you need any help, call 01295 672599 or email [email protected] to discuss your needs.