New FDM Materials Added to Stratasys’ Portfolio

Stratasys has launched three new materials this quarter:  Antero™ 840CN03, Diran™ 410MF07 and ABS-ESD7™.  These materials are ideally suited for use in the automotive and aerospace industries where applications including 3D printed jigs and fixtures, tooling, prototypes and production parts are key requirements.



Antero 840Antero 840CN03
Joining the established Antero 800NA, the Antero 840CN03 was specifically developed for use on the F900 3D printer.  A light-weight alternative to metal, the Antero 840CN03 is a high-performance, PEKK-based electrostatic discharge (ESD) thermoplastic – ideal for creating strong, lightweight parts used in frames, panels and components.  For printing applications requiring high temperature or chemical resistant parts, the Antero 840CN03 offers ultra-low outgassing and impressive wear properties. The Antero 840CN03 uses the SUP8000B Breakaway Support Material (BASS).



Diran Robot End CDiran 410MF07
Diran 410MF07 is a durable, nylon-based thermoplastic which demonstrates exceptional toughness and resistance while maintaining a smooth surface quality.  Ideal for highly durable tooling applications, Diran is a new FDM thermoplastic which also offers low friction – making it able to withstand the rough handling of tools associated with a manufacturing environment.  Diran runs on the F370 3D printer and utilises the SUP4000B Breakaway Support Material.


Untitled 4ABS-ESD7
The new ABS-ESD7 is a thermoplastic with static dissipative properties for safe, cost-effective ESD performance.  Ideal for manufacturing tooling applications, and available to run on the Stratasys F900, Fortus 450mc and F370 3D printers, the ABS-ESD7 is aimed at static-sensitive applications to prevent discharge or attraction to other materials (powders, dust and fine particles).  With the inclusion of the F370 – a platform dedicated to ease-of-use, repeatability and part accuracy – users can capitalise on the prototyping and production needs for low cost customizable parts.


For further information on the new materails,  call us on  01295 672599 or email on [email protected].