Launching the Stratasys J55 during Lockdown

You may have seen that a new Stratasys Polyjet printer has been launched – the Stratasys J55 – and Laser Lines has the first production unit in the UK. Usually when we have a new product, we have it on show at events nationwide or at our facility in Banbury for customers to come and see it in action. So, what happens when you have a launch during lockdown?

Laser Lines is practising social distancing and is operating with a minimal team at the Banbury HQ, but we wanted to ensure those interested in getting a good look at the new machine were able to do so. This is where our sales manager Phil Craxford has gone the extra mile, returning to the office for a few days to do online demos.

Phil said: “The J55 is a really impressive piece of kit and is ideal for anyone that wants to cut down time prototyping. It can print in over 500,000 colours and it’s simple to use, fast and quiet. The compact machine easily fits into an office, classroom or studio and there is no need to worry about any fumes, noisy machinery or odours.

“We decided that if we couldn’t get out to show the product, we would run online sessions where  I can demo the machine but also answer any questions customers have. We are doing the demos on mobile phones and a laptop with a tripod so we can focus in to show specific areas of the printer, samples and to make sure customers are getting the close ups they want.”

If you are interested in a virtual demo of the newest addition to the Stratasys’ Polyjet range, let Phil know by emailing [email protected] or ring Laser Lines on 01295 672599 if you have any questions.