Laser Lines debuts Stratasys’ innovative F123 printers

Stratasys has just introduced three mid-range printers on a brand new platform, each with distinctly high-end features. As always, Laser Lines will be among the first in the UK to be able to provide you with these amazing new machines.

The multi-material F170, F270 and F370, together dubbed F123, mark a significant advance for devices at their anticipated price. Offering faster output in a wider range of materials, they’re among the quietest 3D printers ever produced. Almost silent in standby and whisper-quiet in use, these multi-material devices are discreet and compact, making them perfect for the classroom, office or workshop.

Whichever model you choose, from the F170 with its 10 x 10 x 10in build chamber, to the F370, which extends this to 14 x 10 x 14in and supports engineering-grade thermoplastic, the printer’s physical size doesn’t change.

A new, faster drawer-loading system makes replenishing materials simplicity itself, while the bundled GrabCAD Print significantly shortens the printing process.

There is no need to convert to STL files with GrabCAD Print as this enables you to print direct from native CAD files – as well as offering remote print monitoring through its mobile app.  The addition of a USB port offers users the ability to load files without requiring access to a network. A license for Stratasys’ high-end Insight application comes with the F370.

With Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity across the range, minimal setup and automatic calibration, they each offer true plug-and-print operation – a first at this level.

Designed to meet users’ needs

“After over twenty years of research and development, Stratasys has delivered a truly compelling offering here,” said Laser Lines’ Sales Director, Mark Tyrtania.

“It’s an exciting development, and one in which we’ve been involved since the beginning, when Stratasys asked what we and our customers wanted to see in its next generation products. What it’s come up with is the perfect fit.”

They’re keenly priced, and affordable to run. As well as ABS-M30 and ASA (plus PC-ABS in the F370), the printers can use inexpensive PLA, and each has a draft mode that further reduces the cost of producing test models.  QSR support material is available for the F170, F270 and F370 models.

They’re the perfect upgrade for existing users of the Dimension Elite and Dimension 1200es, to whom Laser Lines is offering a generous trade-in deal to further reduce the initial cost.

Laser Lines is taking orders for all three printers today, with delivery of the F370 scheduled for March.

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