Meet Jayne Tyrtania, Materials and Contracts Manager

Earlier this year, Jayne Tyrtania was promoted to her current role of Materials and Contracts Manager. Her new position involves dealing with anyone who has a consumables question or issue as well as sorting new and renewal quotes for printer-care.

Jayne says: “My new role is perfect as I get to speak to so many customers and can gauge how their businesses are moving. I love staying in contact with customers who have grown with us as a business. Working with so many companies in different industries makes this an extremely varied and interesting part of my job.

“Meeting deadlines with deliveries and ensuring people get parts when they need them is also really satisfying, never more so than in the previous few months with the Coronavirus pandemic.”

Jayne originally joined Laser Lines back in 1992 and worked for the company for 5 years. After taking a break to start a family and a change of scenery being a PA in an automotive company, she missed the team camaraderie and got in touch to see if there were any part time roles. That was back in 1998 and she hasn’t looked back since.

Jayne says: “I’ve had a lot of different roles as the company expanded. Initially, this included helping with marketing and admin across all the technologies and services offered, but for  the most part I have been involved with the 3D printing and consumables side of the business.”

Jayne got a lot of her knowledge from learning on the job. She adds: “I don’t have an engineering background but when I came back to Laser Lines, I worked with a previous director who introduced me to 3D printing and I learnt so much from him. It was a brilliant education which, together with being the first telephone contact for many of our customers, ensured I got a real understanding of how the entire business works.

“Today I am able to help customers who have questions about consumables – as well as prospects who are interested in finding out more about 3D printing and how it can make their business more efficient.”

Already working on maintenance contracts, Jayne found herself adding the consumables and materials to her list of responsibilities when, seeing the business synergy, Laser Lines aligned the two sections.

Jayne says: “This made a lot of business sense anyway but for me, it is really great. I work with the fulfilment and logistics team a lot but, whereas they are looking at getting orders out, I see the stock requirements from a customer’s point of view and future needs. I’m always one step ahead and reaching out to our key and smaller accounts to ensure that whenever they need a particular type of resin or material, we’ll have it in stock ready for them.”

Laser Lines aims to keep commonly ordered stock at its warehouse in Banbury so that it can guarantee supply with next day delivery of materials. Jayne says: “That’s a real value-add for those working with us. We are extremely proud and process-driven as this is so important to us as a business.

“Laser Lines is a great company to work for – I think my tenure shows that more than anything but I can honestly say, I’m still learning on the job and loving every minute!”

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