Meet Hannah Veltom, Laser Lines’ Applications Technician – 3D Printing & AM Systems

Real life experience helps Hannah explain opportunities and applications to customers – faster and simpler.

I joined the 3D printing bureau at Laser Lines last June. I first came into contact with 3D printing technologies when I was an architectural model maker. I did that for five years at a large architectural practice in London. Over those years, the models were getting more detailed with, by the end, an element of 3D printing in every model made.

The company had an in-house rapid prototyping and CAD department that worked in parallel with the model shop and office architects. They provided some of the parts, while others were outsourced. Primarily the parts we used were for complicated geometries that are hard to replicate with normal workshop and handcrafting techniques, such as lattice structures.

We used to get a CAD file back and need to speak to the rapid prototyping technicians to explain which part of the model we had identified to get printed. I use the experience I got in that role to give Laser Lines’ bureau customers outstanding service.

What first attracted you to Laser Lines?

I liked the idea of a new challenge while using my experience in a bureau role.

Our industry is constantly evolving and staying ahead of the technology changes can be challenging, but I love it. I work with a great team – Greg, Matt and Richard in the bureau – and no day is the same.

What constitutes a good day at work?

Dealing with our customers is what makes a good day. I love the fact that on a daily basis, I can be working with different technologies and customer requirements. It is quite different from my previous role as I am now much more hands-on with 3D printing technologies. The fact that I am continually learning is brilliant, and seeing the end results is really exciting.

Some of the colour models we have output on the Stratasys J750 are incredible and the detail is fascinating. What can be achieved is a real eye-opener – and to be able to help explain this to customers gives me a great sense of job satisfaction. I think my previous role, where I had to use my fine motor skills with very delicate models, comes into play all the time. But I love the fresh thinking and the on-the-job learning I now get by working at Laser Lines.

If you’d like to discuss your project with Hannah or ask some more questions about which technology would suit your printed part better, email [email protected] or call 01295 672588.