F123 TPU is a game changing material for FDM

Laser Lines is proud to announce it is selling and supporting a new suite of materials for its FDM and Polyjet range of printers including TPU 92A, Agilus White, Vero Vivid Cyan and Veroflex.

Using a dedicated print head on the F123 printer along with a new, innovative elastomer material TPU 92A, engineers and designers now have the ability to produce flexible parts that have highly superior elongation at break.


Mark Tyrtania, Sales Director at Laser Lines, says: “The applications for 3D printing in our customers’ markets are moving forward all the time. Some of these developments are driven by newer and more affordable machines. Others are created by breakthrough materials, and TPU is one of these materials. For the automotive industry and others where flexible materials are used extensively in door seals, trim and grommets, TPU is the way forward as it is flexible but durable. Unlike rubber, which is comparatively fragile, TPU gives you superior toughness that stretches, bends and compresses significantly without losing shape.

“Creating elastomer parts using traditional silicone or CNC moulds are extremely costly and time-consuming – while it is our view that other additive techniques just cannot deliver parts with the size and complexity of our elastomer approach,” commented Zehavit Reisin, Vice President and Head of Solutions and Materials Business, Stratasys. “Manufacturers demand 3D printing solutions that can be put to work in real prototyping and extreme production environments. With reliable and highly resilient parts, our solutions are designed to enable customers to do just that.”

The material will be offered initially to the installed base as a starter kit including a TPU head, a spool of material and a brochure. Any existing customer who buy a new head will receive a software upgrade free of charge.

More new materials

Stratasys has also launched a set of new materials that can emulate the look and feel of rubber, leather or plastic for the PolyJet J750 and J735 full-colour machines. The Agilus30 White material follows in the footsteps of the Agilus Black and Agilus Translucent materials. It enables users to prototype parts such as rubber-like seals and gaskets, and is brilliant for the medical, sporting and FMCG markets. VeroVivid Cyan and VeroFlexVivid have been developed to let engineers achieve realistic prototypes in the consumer, packaging and eyewear markets.

Anyone wanting more information on these products or requiring a sample part should contact Laser Lines by emailing [email protected] or calling 01295 672599.