Laser Lines featured in leading 3D printing industry publication

Eureka Magazine is a leading publication for design engineers, and we are delighted that it has chosen to recognise Laser Lines’ extensive experience in 3D printing by featuring our Sales Director, Mark Tyrtania in its piece on buying a 3D printer.

Mark is quoted extensively in the magazine’s thorough piece and sums up Laser Lines’ philosophy on 3D printing:

“There is a lot of hype behind 3D printers and people think when they get one they can make anything they want… what we try and do is manage the expectations that people have, with the money they want to spend.”

With more than 20 years’ experience in the 3D printing sector, and as a Stratasys Platinum partner, Laser Lines is perfectly placed to advise you on whether 3D printing can save you time and money in your business.

Customers particularly love our free 3D printing report, where we visit your premises to get to know your business and understand how you manufacture. We will be able to advise on how introducing 3D printing to your service will improve speed of production and lower cost. If adding 3D printing to your workflow won’t result in business benefits, we won’t hesitate to say so.

Eureka Magazine also focused on another strong area of Laser Lines’ 3D printing business, our 3D printing bureau. With the largest selection of 3D printers of any UK bureau, we can print anything you need to order at very competitive rates. As Mark says in the article:

“We have found that people might start and use us for bureau parts and then buy a machine once they see the value in the technology and see what it can do. It helps them to justify the investment and they then really know what it is they are getting.”

Click here to read the full piece on Eureka Magazine’s website.

With unparalleled customer support and a trade-in scheme for those with existing 3D printers, give Laser Lines a call today on 01295 672588 or email [email protected] to see how we can unlock the benefits of 3D printing for your business.