Get the benefits of metal 3D printing without the upfront cost

If you have wondered whether metal additive manufacturing could benefit you, but have been put off by the initial expense, then Laser Lines’ 3D bureau can help.

We are now offering metal 3D printing from our bureau, which means that anyone can enjoy the time and cost savings afforded by metal 3D printing, without having to buy their own dedicated machine.

For those that are producing a small number of parts infrequently, our metal 3D bureau service is perfect. There can be noticeable benefits for anyone in the aerospace, motorsport and manufacturing sectors.

Selling and supporting additive manufacturing machines for over 20 years means we have a huge amount of knowledge about the best way to design parts for 3D printing. Plus, we have the scale and logistics support to deliver your part affordably and on time.

Large savings to be made

Richard Hoy, business development at Laser Lines, says: “We have dealt with customers who are used to adding six to eight weeks of manufacturing time into their schedules using traditional processes. They are delighted when they learn that our bureau can get the job done in just eight to ten working days.

“Metal parts produced in our bureau tend to use less material. One typical customer recently found that their part only needed 300g of material, compared to the 1kg it would take to get the same results with casting. To do that, you need to design the part with additive manufacturing in mind. Parts can be produced using internal lattice structures and re-designed to limit the support material. Optimizing the design for additive manufacturing will help with reducing the cost against an alternative manufacturing process.

“Sometimes it can seem like a challenge to change long-standing designs. But the team at Laser Lines is ready to help you through the process. Once you have understood the concept of stripping material away for additive manufacturing, updating a part’s design is relatively straightforward, saving you time and money in the long run.”

Give Richard and the bureau team a call on 01295 672599 or email them at [email protected] to discuss how much time and money you can save producing metal parts through our bureau. Or you can use our online tool to get a quote.