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Investment Casting Slurry Tank

MK Technology offers a wide selection of tank sizes. In addition to the 5 standard sizes, customised tanks can be produced to the customer’s specification. The smaller tanks up to 500 litres are structured conventionally, i.e. the tank rotates and the blade is fixed.

This is the most common, and technically the simplest solution. If the tank is supposed to be larger and if heavier zircon slurries are used, this version will soon reach its technical limits. If the overall weight of tank and slurry exceeds 10 tons, there is no bearing available that promises a longer service life under the given operating conditions.

Further advantages

  • Replacing the old blade system, 2 + 2 paddles rotate in the tank. This process reduces the rotation speed required which improves the mixing and reduces the chance of blistering.
  • As the tank is fixed and does not need to rotate, the whole surface area of the tank is used for cooling which is much more effective in producing a homogenous product.
  • The specially developed “sinus speed” makes the rotation speed of the paddles rise and fall continuously. Due to the permanent speed difference between paddle and slurry, a much faster and better mixing effect is reached. The lower overall rotation speed of the system is gentler and increases the service life of the slurry.


Increased Service Life

The new system that has been developed has been totally re-designed to maximise the life span of the tanks and its components. A mixing paddle now rotates which greatly reduces the forces and wear on the bearings. Instead of continuously rotating many tons over a period of months, only some hundred kilograms have to be driven in this version – which is a decisive factor for the service life of the whole system.

Further developments

With the developments above, MK were able to produce the world’s largest slurry tanks, which can mix up to 20 tons of slurry in a continuous cycle.

A smaller twin slurry tank is also available for prototype and manual operation which consists of two 170L tanks in one housing. Each tank has its own pneumatically driven door and the system it fully air-conditioned. This system is ideal for the manufacture of smaller trees and can be easily installed ready for use.

In addition to the standard systems, bespoke systems can be commissioned to suit any application.
For example, there are special solutions for the most effective application of the very expensive Yttrium slurry for titanium casts. Almost anything is possible and it is worthwhile to contact us.



  • Maximum casting weight


  • Maximum mold size


  • Chamber interior size


  • Chamber exterior size


  • Max. tree size (mm)

    Ø 500x500

  • External dimensions (mm)

    1100h x 1760w x 1000d

  • Weight (empty)


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