Lockheed Martin 3D Prints a Large Prototype Fuel Tank

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company designs, develops & manufactures high-tech systems for civil, defence & commercial applications. In 2012 Lockheed Martin SSC were working on a new project to improve their satellite by optimising space to...

EOIR Technology

Creating a camera and a mount for gun sights for tanks and fighting vehicles became a success with a Dimension 3D Printer. Previously EOIR's subcontrator's designs failed performance tests but the Dimension suceeded and then went on to work on further...

Tiberius Arms

Prior to purchasing their uPrint 3D Printer, Tiberius Arms saw a large number of design errors during the development process of their weapons. The uPrint provided a cost-effective solution.

Trainer Development Flight

Producing training aids for the Air Force and Dept of Defence, TDF anticipated a return on their investment in 4 years - but it took only 18 months.