Center for Advanced Design

This product development firm has saved lots of time with a Stratasys F370 3D printer. Thanks to its minimal setup, fast draft mode and auto-calibration, the team now have more time to concentrate on designing.


Synergy is a product development company in Israel and has used a Stratasys J750 to produce photorealistic prototypes.

Adidas Group

Printing 3D models using multiple materials has enabled Adidas to get products evaluated and accepted in several days rather than 4-6 weeks. The demand for prototypes means their machines are running 24 hours a day.

Black & Decker

The DIY product giant converted the time to produce parts from days to hours after buying their Dimension 3D Printer. Plus they have the added bonus of the designers being more productive because of reduced modelling costs.

Bondy Fiesta

The benefits their Objet Eden260V gave the toy manufacturer were not just time and cost. They observed the printer improved the level of quality of both the product and the company too.

Cool Gear, Inc

Creator of innovative products, Cool Gear Inc, used to send drawing files abroad to get models made out of plastic or clay. The purchase of a Dimension 3D Printer changed their process completely, saving time and money.


After outsourcing their 3d printing requirements to services bureaus for many years, Fender brought the technology in-house to further improve their time-to-market peformance.


The company invested in three Stratasys 3D Printers. These systems enable them to develop their products quickly using a mixture of clear and rubber-like materials as well as rigid ABS, thus retaining their leadership in the industry.

The Artiphon Instrument 1 musical interface

Artiphon has designed a new modern musical instrument that works with mobile applications. The INSTRUMENT 1 utilises both traditional instrument manufacturing methods along with the latest in 3D printing technology processes. INSTRUMENT 1 allows an iPhone or...