Formula Student – Somos® PerFORM Tooling and Composite Layup

Case study of use of Stratasys   NEO - Written by Maria Rubia, OBR19

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McLaren Racing — Advantage on the track with Stratasys Neo800

Stratasys’ Neo800 stereolithography 3D printers are enabling McLaren Racing to make up to 9,000 parts per year — from full-size...

1966 Chevy Impala restored with an Xact Metal machine

In 1980, a young car enthusiast named Tomme acquired a 1966 Chevrolet Impala after it had been damaged in a fire. The interior was ruined, and the dashboard had taken a beating, but the car still had life in it, and Tomme was determined to restore...

Holly Mason and Ten Tenths receive superb support from Laser Lines

Ten Tenths is dedicated to keeping Nick Mason’s collection of road and competition cars in peak operating condition. The collection, that numbers around 35-40 at any time, spans pre-war racers right up to today’s hybrid performance road cars. All are...

Using a bureau saves time for automotive jigs and fixtures

Roaring Forties specialise in manufacturing Ford GT40 replicas & have been using FDM parts sourced through a bureau service for years. Roaring Forties buy FDM jigs & fixtures as it decreases lead times & saves on expensive machining time. Ford...

Bentley Motors

3D printing enables assessment of small-scale models as well as full-size parts for assessment and testing purposes prior to production.


Car manufacturer finds 3D printing offers significant cost advantages over metal-cutting methods including milling, turning and boring.


Developement process cut from 28 months to just 8 months as a result of Ducati using in-house 3D prints methods instead of outsourcing part buildng to service bureaus.


3D printed instrument panel mock-up showed 27 design flaws when fitted to the cock-pit assembly. Despite being minor flaws, there was significant saving by averting the costly delays which would have resulted had these not been identified early in the...


3D printer proved its flexibility for a company encompassing the two global premium brands of Jaguar and Land Rover. Classic lines and high performance at one end and no-frills design and off-road capabilty at the other.


When tooling used to produce just the monocoque cost several million dollars, Lamborghini had to get the design right the first time. Their 3D printer gave them the edge.