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Evixscan 3D Loupe+

Having the high precision of the Evatronix range, the Evixscan 3D Loupe+ is a highly versatile scanner suitable for a wide range of applications such as automotive, reverse engineering, fast metrology, tool wear monitoring and cultural heritage. Its ability to have its configuration changed in minutes allows the Loupe+ to scan small objects to very high resolution and accuracy or it can capture very large parts quickly making it the scanner of choice for when there is a wide variety of parts to be captured.

Key features

  • 2 x 5Mpixel cameras, moveable in 4 steps
  • Scanning accuracy: 20 microns, depending on scanned range (VDI/VDE 2634 pt 2) for accurate reverse engineering and measurement
  • Resolution: 60-200 microns
  • Exceptionally good data quality to save time in downstream processing
  • Scanned volume: 460mm x 340mm x 180mm
  • Very high performance and versatility


Reverse engineering, fast inspection, tooling (design and wear monitoring), cultural heritage, film and animation. Its versatility makes it the ideal choice for scanning bureau services.

Software and accessories

The Evixscan Loupe+ is supplied with Evixscan software which drives the scanner and optional turntable. The software offers transparent control over data quality and allows views to be automatically registered using reflective markers or when using turntables.

A robust tripod with pan/tilt head is included as are all cables, calibration equipment and transport cases. A range of optional turntables is available with load capacities up to 1 tonne.

Also included is Leios Premium software which has a full set of tools for processing 3D scan data such as manual registration of views, decimation, hole filling, smoothing and much more.

We also offer optional software packages for specific applications such as Geomagic Design X for producing fully CAD-ready reverse engineered models and Control X for fast 3Dinspection.

All training and support is provided by UK engineers.


  • Type of scanner/cameras

    White structured light.

    2 x 5Mpx

  • Scanned volume (x,y,z)

    160 x 100 x 45mm to 460 x 350 x 180mm (in 4 ranges)

  • Resolution range

    40 microns to 180 microns

  • Best case accuracy (VDI/VDE 2634 pt2)

    20 microns

  • Size/Weight

    470mm x 470mm x 200mm. 14Kg (without wings)

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