Veroultraclear Transparent Goblet

3D Printing With Transparent Material

Clear Parts with Rubber-like or Rigid Options

If you want to 3D print with transparent material, you first need to decide precisely which material is the best option for your project. A broad range of materials offers the ability to produce clear parts – both rigid and flexible.

  • RGD720 is a multipurpose transparent PolyJet photopolymer for standard clear plastics simulation. It combines high dimensional stability with surface smoothness.
  • VeroClear-RGD810 is a rigid, nearly colorless material featuring proven dimensional stability for general purpose, fine-detail model building and visual simulation of transparent thermoplastics such as PMMA.
  • VeroUltraClear (RGD820).
  • VeroCyanV (RGD845).
  • VeroMagentaV (RGD852).
  • VeroYellowV (RGD838).
  • Agilus30 Transparent (FLX935).

Agilus30 is a rubber-like material also available to simulate a variety of elastomer characteristics in see-through models. Combine with color materials on the Objet500 Connex 3 to render a range of opacities, hues and hardnesses.

3D Print Translucent Shades and Patterns

With Objet Connex 3D Printers, you can combine transparent and black materials to create artistic patterns and a variety of translucent shades. Incorporate transparent and opaque, rubber-like or simulated polypropylene materials into one model.

Wide Range of Applications

Transparent materials are ideal for applications including:

  • Form and fit testing of clear or see-through parts
  • Glass, eyewear, lighting covers and light-cases
  • Visualization of liquid flow
  • Color dyeing
  • Medical applications
  • Artistic and exhibition modeling

Compatible printers

Click the button below for full compatibility info.

  • Stratasys J4100
  • Stratasys J55 Prime
  • Stratasys J735
  • Stratasys J750
  • Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy
  • Stratasys J826 Prime
  • Stratasys J850 Prime
  • Stratasys J850 Pro

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