Engineering Resins

Innovative materials for demanding applications

Take your designs further with Formlabs’ library of Engineering Resins. Developed for use in the most demanding projects, they are suited to both iterative design cycles and the production of final use parts with ambitious physical characteristics. Facilitating living hinges, snap-on parts and resistance to extreme temperatures, Engineering Resins bring functionality to your models while guaranteeing stability and durability throughout the design and testing phases of any project. Provided in easy-fit one-litre cartridges, Formlabs makes swapping between resins a quick, clean and fuss-free process.

Grey Pro Resin

Build with confidence using one of the most durable resins currently available. With exceptional stability and rigidity, this versatile material is the perfect choice for end-use parts that need to be built to last. Also suitable for building functional prototypes, Grey Pro Resin lets you work with the confidence that your development models will accurately represent each finished part.

Rigid Resin

The ultimate stiff material, Formlabs’ Rigid Resin is bonded with glass for exceptional strength and a naturally smooth, polished finish. Durable and resistant to deformation in use, Rigid Resin is ideal for building fine detail and thin, self-supporting layers, as well as being your go-to material for jigs and fixtures.

Tough Resin

Strong yet flexible, Tough Resin is a versatile and durable material, which is perfect for the production of soft-touch surfaces and snap-fit components. Ideal for iterative prototyping of hard-wearing parts for short-term use as part of the design cycle, Tough Resin demonstrates exceptional strength, withstanding knocks and jolts – and quickly recovering its original form – as your product undergoes developmental testing.

Durable Resin

As one of the most versatile materials available, turn to Durable Resin when you need to accurately simulate the finish of parts that, in final production, will be built using polypropylene or high-density polyethylene. Highly resistant to impact and elongation, Durable Resin is the perfect fit for development projects that require a combination of living hinges, snap fits and a smooth finish.

Flexible Resin

Add cushioning, dampening and a soft-touch finish with Flexible Resin. Developed with ergonomics in mind, this rubber-like material withstands repeated compression to deliver parts that yield to pressure, yet spring back to their original shape. With similar characteristics to trainer soles and tyres, Flexible Resin is the perfect choice for producing wearables, toys and overmoulds.

High Temp Resin

No other material withstands extremes as well as High Temp Resin. It is the ultimate choice for bespoke ducting for liquid or gas, for prototyping moulds, or for housing components that need to withstand heat when in use. Incorporate this hard-wearing material in a development cycle and the production of final use parts for results suited to long term use, which retain their original shape and support broad solvent compatibility.

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