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Formlabs Standard resins

Versatile materials for the production of detailed parts

The standard resins are a great all-round material, perfect for the production of end use parts. They come in a range of colours including black, white, grey and clear. They also have a colour...

SLS Nylon 12

Strong - and ideal for complex assemblies

Nylon is the most commonly used material for selective laser sintering, with Nylon 12 – a single component powder - being the preferred version (PA12). Having proved to be ideal for functional prototyping...

Formlabs Engineering Resins

Innovative materials for demanding applications

Take your designs to the next level with engineering resins from Formlabs. Browse the comprehensive range of resins, with properties including elasticity, rigidity, durability, toughness and...

Formlabs Dental/Medical Resins

High-precision materials for medical use

Treat patients more quickly and at lower cost by using Formlabs’ range of Dental Resins to print bespoke bridges, retainers and...

Formlabs Jewellery Resins

High quality materials for jewellery design

In an industry where fidelity and finesse are paramount, Formlabs’ Jewellery Resin library gives you the confidence to...



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